Our hilltop villa has stunning 360° views of Menorca and is the most perfect location for a great family holiday

About Us

Who are we – Bruce & Nicky Williams. We live in Kent in the south east of England.

We took the villa over from Nicky’s father. He bought the plot and built Dagrum in the early 70’s when Nicky was in her teens. Every year long family holidays were spent in the villa, a tradition we have continued. Our three daughters have spent every summer holiday in Menorca. Our youngest is now 26! Dagrum has become a much loved family holiday home.

Nicky’s father never felt the need to rent the villa and so up until 2011 the house was never on the market. Only family and close friends stayed.

Our resources are such that we need to rent to cover the cost of running the house but we are very keen to maintain its family friendly nature and character. We are and will be upgrading to ensure that we meet our guests expectations but we do not want to create a sterile quasi hotel cum spa experience.

The property is managed locally by the most super lady, Sarah Davies who runs Todo Villas and lives nearby. She has lived on Menorca most of her life, is completely bi-lingual and manages many, many villas. You will undoubtedly meet her during your stay and we know that she will do as much as she can to make your stay as flawless as possible.

We do so want everybody who is a guest in Dagrum to feel at home and have the most enjoyable holiday. So please treat it like home, kick back, relax and enjoy. We would very much welcome your feedback on your return. If you need any information before you go please also do not hesitate to get in touch.

Email: bruce@dagrum.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0)1732 832851

or write to us at:

Manor Farm
Powder Mill Lane
Kent TN11 9AS
United Kingdom