Our hilltop villa has stunning 360° views of Menorca and is the most perfect location for a great family holiday

Spanish National Holidays 2021

If it is critical please double check these holiday dates with other public sites. Most places will remain open in season but you may find local services particularly in non-tourist area are closed.

1 January Anno Nuevo / New Year’s Day  (National  
6 January Epifan­a (Reyes Magos) / Epiphany (National)
17 January Dia de Menorca / Day of Menorca (Regional)
1 March Dia de Baleares / Balearics Day (Regional)
19 March Dia de San Jose / St. Joseph’s Day (Regional)
1 April Jueves Santo / Maundy Thursday (Regional)
2 April Viernes Santo / Good Friday (National)
5 April Lunes de Pascua / Easter Monday (Regional)
1 May Fiesta del Trabajo / Labour Day (National)
31 May Corpus Christi (National)
24 June Fiesta de San Juan (Regional)
15 August La Asuncion de la Virgen / Assumption Day (National)
11 September Fiesta Nacional de Catalunya / National Day of Catalonia (Regional)
12 October Fiesta Nacional de Espana / Columbus day (National)
1 November Fiesta de Todos los Santos / All Saints’ Day (National)
6 December Dia de la Constitucion / Constitution Day (National)
8 December La Inmaculada Concepcion / Immaculate Conception (National)
25 December Navidad / Christmas Day (National)  
26 DecemberDay after Christmas (Local)