Our hilltop villa has stunning 360° views of Menorca and is the most perfect location for a great family holiday


Here is a map showing the location of the main supermarkets.

Supermercado ES Grau – The local supermarket in Es Grau. All day to day essentials available. Pricing is not unreasonable but not as good as the main supermarkets below neither is the range as wide. Good for bread and pastries.

Hiper Centro – On the ‘Poligono’ on the outskirts of Mahon. Relatively easy to locate. Pretty much everything you might want. Like your Tesco or Sainsbury’s. Includes clothing, electrical goods, household and DIY on 1st floor. Newsagent for international papers and magazines. Air conditioned.

Mercadona – Our supermarket of choice. Also on the Poligono. Seafood is particularly good. Queues at this counter can be quite long so it is worth going there first to pick up a number and then do the rest of your shopping while it comes around to your turn. More reasonable, we think, than Hiper Centro.

Bini Preu – Another supermarket that is on the Poligono – quite a complex of different shops now. You will find many of the UK brands here but at a price!

There are a number of other supermarkets in and around Mahon. A new very prominent Lidl opened in 2018. Eroski is a cooperative supermarket and is keenly priced and can sometimes have some good wine offers!

You will also find that each of the main tourist centres and towns also has its own supermarket of one form or another. Do check opening times as Sundays in particular have somewhat limited times generally but not in all locations.